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Why Choose Sapphire Butterfly?

plus size bridesmaid dresses

Sapphire Butterfly is a unique Australian brand that deals with making all dresses and accessories for plus-size women. From plus-size maxi dresses to plus-size vintage dresses, Sapphire Butterfly makes everything that empowers plus-size women. We offer a wide collection of accessories for women too. Our plus-size maxi dresses and vintage dresses have a huge collection. 

 There are many reasons for you to choose Sapphire Butterfly as your clothing brand. 

  • Wide range

We have a huge collection of plus size maxi dresses in australia, vintage dresses, formal wear, casual wear, semi-formals, and all other types of dresses. Our collection gives our amazing customers a wide range of options to select from. We are one of the less found brands that offer collections in plus size.

  • Amazing quality products 

Quality is something we never compromise on. Our clothes are made from amazing quality fabric so that it gives a perfect shines and is durable. We believe that a brand should never compromise its quality of products.

  • Promotes women empowerment

In today’s society, where size bars are set up, we are a unique brand that promotes women’s empowerment. We believe that every woman has the right to wear whatever she feels like wearing, and size should never be a barrier.

In a society where small frames are shown on billboards, we are a brand that displays plus-size models and empowers them. We believe that women are queens, and they should be treated like one irrespective of their size. 

  • Every size available

We have sizes for each size. There has never been a size that is not made by us. We believe that the availability of all sizes makes us unique, and for this, we stand out in the market. 

  • Timely delivery services

Our delivery services are amazing, just like our brand. We believe that the customer should be delivered what was ordered with punctuality. Late deliveries often ruin the essence of the excitement of the new purchase. 

  • Reasonable rates  

All our dresses are made using high-quality fabric quality, and the pricing is done reasonably too. We believe that overcharging is unethical, and nobody’s money should go wasted. 

Our agenda is to satisfy our clients in every aspect. Our pricing is decided by making sure that we do not take an immense amount of profit from each article. 

  • Accessory collection 

We also have an amazing women’s accessory collection, from jewelry to scarves. We have zinc-free jewelry which will last longer and would never lose its shine.

  • Commendable services and customer reviews

 We have been receiving amazing customer reviews, and people have loved the motive of our brand throughout these years. We tend to make our services more suitable for you in future.For more information visit

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